December 2019 Meeting Notes

Iowa City Chapter of CCL / Iowa City Climate Advocates

December 2019 Meeting Notes


We watched the CCL national video conference with guest speaker, Dr Wu, who was involved with meetings at the Vatican with several CEOs of oil companies and other influential companies. The goal was to help the CEOs recognize they are elders of the human community, and the outcome was two signed agreements by the CEOs, one of which was about carbon pricing in a way that leads to a rapid transition to a low carbon economy. The Pope has also spoken in favor of a just transition to a low-carbon economy, and supports carbon pricing as long as it’s constructed in a way that results in real carbon reduction.


CCL HQ is asking to support the year-end donation drive, they are about half-way to their goal. Mark Reynolds also wants us to thank our families for supporting us in the work we do volunteering for CCL and climate change.


Two representatives from Verv Auto spoke about their new electric vehicle dealership based in North Liberty (it’s an offshoot of Moxie Solar) and their presentation generated many questions and interest from the attendees. An informal poll revealed about 20% of attendees use vehicles that are at least partially electric.


Two students from the University of Iowa attended and informed us that they are part of the founding group of students starting a CCL chapter at the UI ( yay!!!!!).


Marcia Mosher reported that the 100 Grannies are supporting the student climate strikers and organizing for the Climate Crisis Parade in Des Moines on Feb 1. They are trying to provide a bus to help people get to Des Moines.


Jamie McCoy relayed the following: 

  1. Noted the IC Council resolution which hopefully can stimulate more resolutions.  Asked if any one in Coralville, University Heights, Solon, North Liberty, Cedar Rapids, would want to share the IC resolution with their local government and pursue a resolution.


  1. Noted my Blog piece with Audubon which Doug Harr is  passing on to the Minnesota and upper Mississippi Valley office and Great Lakes office in hopes of broader collaboration with Audubon.


  1. Noted shift in tactics with ISETA focusing on collaboration: demonstrating our ability to get their legislative requests to a receptive audience.


  1. Recent contact with John Borman, CEO of IWEA with his suggestion to approach TPI composites in Newton and Vestas Wind in Iowa Falls as powerful and possibly receptive potential allies.  Requested anyone with contacts in those companies to contact me. 


Earth Day 2020 is the 50th anniversary and is only 4 months away. If someone is interested in doing something special for this Earth Day let me know ASAP. We have also been invited to table and participate in the Park and Rec’s Earth Fest which occurs around Earth Day.


I relayed some ideas on seeds for letters to the editor (The Perfect Gift… is an endorsement of the Energy Innovation Act, or talking about climate change over the holidays, New Year’s Resolution… resolve to take climate action this year, resolve to talk about climate change once a week).



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