January 2021 Meeting Notes

January 2021 Iowa City CCL/ICCA Meeting Notes

CCL Speaker: 

  • Social Cost of Carbon is too imprecise to give good guidance
  • Developed a new way to determine the “right” cost while still incorporating costs/benefits, transparency, policymaker objectives, and credible precision
  • Several interesting graphs, but the main takeaway is that CCL’s carbon pricing and annual increase is almost exactly what this study would recommend.
  • https://www.nature.com/articles/s41558-020-0880-3

National CCL Updates

  • 3 climate-related bills were passed due to CCL volunteers as part of Covid relief package in December (BEST Act, USE IT Act, Climate-Ready Fisheries Act)
  • 405 meetings with MOCs in December, 25% with actual MOC
  • $1.1 million raised, beating the $1 million goal for CCL’s fundraiser
  • The Environmental Voter Project estimates it turned out 115k voters in the Georgia runoff who wouldn’t have voted otherwise (!)
  • Lobby week in March! (March 22-26)
  • Day of action on inauguration day
  • North Wind Virtual Conference Jan 30-31, RSVP here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2021-citizens-climate-virtual-north-wind-regional-conference-tickets-134533333823

Matt Russel, the Iowa Interfaith Power & Light leader attended! (https://iowaipl.org/)

  • Educates rural communities and asks farmers to help us figure out to solve the climate crisis
  • 99 Counties initiative dove-tails nicely with IIPL’s work
  • IIPL gets people into the climate conversation and then directs them to CCL when they express interest in doing more
  • Iowa Soybean Association, Practical Farmers of Iowa, Center for Rural Affairs and Iowa Farmer’s Union are groups that would be good to reach out to


  • Barbara and new member Chad are going to work together to produce videos of our inclusive climate pamphlets read in each language by a native speaker and we’ll submit those for our entry at EarthFest

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