October 2019 Meeting Notes

Sorry for the gap in meeting notes posted here, we’ve been having regular meetings, I’ve just forgotten to post the notes here!

October 2019 Meeting Notes


Attendees: Char Lange, Eric Johnson, Briana Hoffman, Elsa Janle, Peter Rolnick, Dan Livorsi, Rob Hogg, Gerry Denning, Jim Throgmorton, Haley Dansby, Del Holland, Miriam Kashia, Dawn Pawlowski, Silvia Quezada, John Macatee, Barabara Eckstein, Craig Mosher, Marcia Foster, Dianne Dillon-Ridgley


CCL Web Conference (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03ezLLDYmOs)

  • Alexander Posner & Kiera O’Brien (Students for Carbon Dividends)
    • Does “retail messaging” which means tailoring how you talk about carbon dividends to the audience you’re speaking to
    • Lead with values, not policy details
    • Talk to Republicans about reclaiming the long legacy of environmentalism 
      • Teddy Rosevelt with the National Parks, 
      • Nixon with the EPA
      • Bush with Acid Rain
    • Climate action is inevitable at this point, you need to have a seat at the table
    • A carbon price is the most powerful tool in the toolbox, so if you care about climate justice, you should care about pricing carbon
    • Students for Carbon Dividends support the plan proposed by the Climate Leadership Council
  • CCL News
    • 49,000+ new members so far this year (that puts us above 150k members by my count)
    • 48 of 50 states have some entity endorsing the bill
    • 53 municipal resolutions (representing 14 million people)
    • 2580 letters to the editor in 2019
    • 421 op-eds in 2019
    • Another bipartisan climate change bill, the Market Choice Act
    • 3500 economists signed a letter saying a carbon price is the way to go
      • Most economists ever to agree on something/sign a letter
    • Congressional Lobby Day in November
      • Still openings
      • 575 registrants so far
    • 20% of congressional meetings involved the member of Congress using the phrase “make climate change a bridge issue, not a wedge issue”
  • Rob Hogg
    • We need to stay inclusive on climate change
    • Rob is hosting the largest faith-based climate action event
      • 9am – noon, 
    • Rob Hogg has hosted 15 presidential candidates so far to talk about climate change
    • We in Iowa have a responsibility to talk to the candidates about climate change
      • We have a unique position in the political process that we have to take advantage of
    • Talk to the Republican presidential candidates too
    • Meet with Rita Hart and the other candidates too, 
    • Miller-Meeks has Fairfield in her district so she could use climate change in her campaign to great effect
  • Peter Rolnick, State of Iowa CCL Coordinator
    • Grasstops is key statewide
      • Iowa Soybean Association has been mentioned as a great opportunity
      • Local Farm Bureau office too (Grassley listens to Farm Bureau a lot)
    • Iowa State Legislature
      • Iowa Supreme Court said the Iowa Legislature should put a price on carbon in one of their rulings
        • We could help develop a bill for regional carbon pricing in the midwest
        • Another option would be to tax energy companies above a certain size
        • Could use proceeds to fund electric car infrastructure
        • Fund “Energy Districts”
        • Or we could just ask the legislature to endorse the Energy Innovation Act
    • State CCL Meeting in Ames on Dec 7
      • Jim Bolter will speak
        • Just published large report on Iowa climate future via the Iowa Policy Project
        • ISU person will also speak on biofuels to inform us how they fit into a transition and their current effect on net GHGs
  • We went around and stated what we’re planning to work on over the next month
    • Those without an action drew an action from a brown paper bag
    • One of the new attendees drew “Making cookies for Rep Loebsack”

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