January 2020 Meeting Notes

ICCA Monthly Meeting, 1/18/20

People present: Del Holland, Miriam Kashia, Jamie McCoy, Jerry Denning, Briana Hoffman, Elsa Janle, Brandon Jennings, Dawn Pawlowski, Peter Rolnick (notetaker)

  • Miriam told us about the Climate Crisis Parade in Des Moines on Saturday, February 1, which is now co-sponsored by 63 different organizations. It is a four-block parade, followed by some presentations. The purpose is to focus on the media, encouraging them to give the climate crisis the on-going attention warranted. It starts at noon at Cowles Commons. Those in the Iowa City area wishing to ride on one of the two buses chartered by 100 Grannies for a Livable World should contact Miriam Kashia (miriam.kashia@gmail.com).
  • We did a communication exercise in which groups of two read then discussed a laser talk (for example: What is the connection between climate change and forest fires?), with one person taking the role of defender of what is in the laser talk and the other taking the role of skeptic.
  • It was suggested the the link to EnRoads Climate Simulator (which came up in discussion) should be shared with all chapter members. Here it is: https://en-roads.climateinteractive.org/scenario.html?v=2.7.6.
  • We also talked about Carbon Footprint calculators. Here are some websites that do that:
  • Related to carbon footprints, here is CCL’s Carbon Dividend Calculator:
  • We talked in some detail about how CCL structures itself around 5 levers for developing political will: Lobbying, Grasstops, Grassroots, Media, Chapter Development. We each talked about what we felt we were good at, what we were not so good it, what we liked to do, and what we didn’t like to do. Each of us will think about what kinds of tasks we’d like to help with (lobbying, tabling, writing a letter to the editor, etc.) and whether or not we’d like to take on a role such as “Grassroots Team Leader.” Currently, Jamie is “Grasstops Team Leader,” and Dawn is our “Social Media Team Leader.” Karin is stepping down from being “Tabling Team Leader,” so we need a new person to take on that role.
  • Peter discussed the statewide effort to give presentations/have meetings in counties throughout Iowa in 2020. This is called “99 Counties for Climate Change.” There is a statewide task force, headed by Jackie Armstrong from way up near the Minnesota border in central Iowa, and leader of the University of Northern Iowa Chapter of CCL. The task force needs two things from us.
    • A list of people who are willing to do presentations with their name, address, phone number and email address. A PowerPoint template is available for presenters to use, along with encouragement if needed. Brandon, Jamie, Jerry, Del, Dawn and Peter all agreed to be presenters. Peter will make the PowerPoint presentation and related documents available. Brianna, Elsa and Miriam would also like access to the presentation, and Peter will do that.
    • A list of organizations in our county and in neighboring counties with the name of a contact person and their phone number, address and email address, that may be contacted with our offer to provide programming for one of their meetings. A few suggestions were made, and people are following up on getting contact person/phone/address/email for each of those suggestions. If anyone things of anything, especially in counties beyond Johnson and Linn, send the info to Peter.
  • Our next meeting will be Saturday, February 8th, 11:30 – noon social time, noon – 12:40 CCL Monthly Call, 12:40 to 1:30 general meeting. Someone (Brandon?) suggested that Theresa Greenfield will come to our next meeting. Theresa is a Democratic candidate for the 2020 US Senate race. If she wins the primary she will run against Republican Joni Ernst. It was suggested that, if Theresa does come to our meeting, we should invite Senator Ernst and any Democrats running against Theresa to also come to one of our meetings.

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