Thank you for considering a donation to Iowa City Climate Advocates!

You can donate via Paypal using any major credit card or your Paypal account:  

Or you can send a check made out to Iowa City Climate Advocates to our Treasurer at the address below:

Jenna Hammerich
1780 360th St. SW
Oxford, IA 52322

Donations allow us to

  • Continue to use to communicate and reach out
  • Support ICCA members who would like to go to DC to lobby for climate change legislation or to our regional CCL conferences but can’t afford it on their own (we did this for one volunteer last November, and he ended up being one of only two CCL volunteers from Iowa!)
  • Pay tabling venue fees
  • Reimburse ICCA volunteers for printing and postage expenses (we send lots of cards and letters to our members of Congress)

Again, thank you so much.