July 2020 Meeting Notes

CCL National Meeting

Dr Renee Lertzman -> Project Inside Out

  • We need to understand the emotional harm of climate change
    • My thought: similar to how we miss life before COVID
  • Jumping from the “problem” of climate change straight to the “solution(s)” is problematic
    • We need to express our feelings in confrontation of hard truths
    • We are in denial when we choose not to deal with our feelings at the moment
  • We need to not be “cheerleaders” because people can tell when we’re trying to sell something or when we’re sugarcoating things
    • “People don’t resist change, they resist being changed”
  • We need to be “guides”, where we listen, listen, listen, and make sure the person is being understood
    • A “guide” provides a “relational home” or a “container”.
      • A container can be a narrative, a media campaign, or a group interaction
  • Embrace the ambivalence

CCL Fall conference is in early December this year.

Local Meeting

John gave a tour of the CCL website and all the resources you can find there (how to go from “I know nothing about climate change, to a fully informed advocate”, and even how to from “I know nothing about meeting with Senators and Congressmen” to “I know how to have a successful meeting with my elected leaders”.

Peter gave an update with our recent meetings with Grassley, Ernst, and the staffs of Axne and Finkenhauer, and they were all positive. We’ll target meeting with them again in September or October.

We’ll be having a state of iowa CCL meeting on Aug 6 which everyone is welcome to attend.

Peter outlined the Monthly Calling Program and what it would take to for a new volunteer to step up and run the program for Ernst both in the steps and time (only 10 minutes a month after the first month).

We explained the IOWIND program and how people can get involved and why it’s important (because Grassley is the “grandfather of wind energy” in Iowa).

If anyone has a contact in western or southwestern Iowa, we’re looking to start chapters there.

Writing “letters to the editor” is a great way to take action for climate change, especially now

A couple other items I had on the agenda that we didn’t get to:

  • How can we support Black Lives Matter?
  • I’m an organizer of the GoGreen team at my workplace (a company of 2700 people)
    • I’m trying to work on an endorsement or weaving CCL into “going green”



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