April 2020 Meeting Notes

April 2020 Meeting Notes


Notes from national CCL video conference:

  • The Environmental Voter project is tackling the issue of the millions(!) of people whose number one issue is climate change, but for some reason don’t vote
    • It’s public record if you vote and how often you vote
    • Politicians don’t pay attention to people who don’t vote (it’d be like baseball glove makers caring what soccer players think of their gloves)
  • Download the TurboVote app for useful voting in and reminders
  • June conference will be online and will still involve lobbying
  • CCL will have an online Earth Day event on April 25


Notes from our local meeting

  • We discussed aiding local businesses or asking if any of our members needs help during this crisis
  • We could have a “games night” where we play ww.jackboxgames.com online quiz game
  • Jerry volunteered to start a draft of a letter to send to our Senators using the corona virus as an analogy for the climate crisis
    • We may ask our own local CCL members to add their names as signatories
  • Peter has lots of constituent letters for Ernst, Grassley, and a ton of them for Loebsack
    • He will send them to their offices at this point since we won’t be having face-to-face meetings for a while
  • Elleh from the UI chapter of CCL attended and wants to their group to work on finding the areas they want to focus on
  • Eric will contact the members of the various federal races and invite them to attend an upcoming meeting
  • John will draft an email about how to do CCL training at home and other CCL resources that would be good to review during the lockdown
  • Some of our favorite TV shows during the pandemic are Frasier, Outlander, West World, various old Disney movies, and The Detectorists.

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