December 2018 Meeting Notes

Attendees: Jim Throgmorton, Barbara Eckstein, Claire Muerdter, Emily Koury, John Macatee, Del Holland, Jamie McCoy

We wrote 6 handwritten letters to Rep Loebsack and Sen Ernst, and submitted 6 more letters electronically.

Endorsements are coming along great, Jamie is in discussions with an employee of Proctor and Gamble to see if they could possibly endorse the new bill (they endorsed the CLC’s plan).
Additionally, his work getting Nordex Accciona’s endorsement is now cited by CCL HQ as some of the big endorsements that can be achieved.

John Macatee had good success tabling and formed a LTE writer’s group with Charlene Lang, and Karin

John is going to arrange a meeting with David Leshtz so we can educate and answer questions about the bill.

Eric is going to work with John to schedule more meetings in January/February with the offices of Senator Ernst, Senator Grassley in Cedar Rapids.

We had two new members attend. Claire is going to write an op-ed and approach the UI Grad Student Government to see if they would endorse the bill. Emily is going to put up flyers in her workplace and work on giving us a web presence on Reddit, the 3rd most popular website in the US.


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