September 2018 Meeting Notes

People present: Daniel Marie, Peg Steffen, Nan Fawcett, Charlotte Fairlie (note taker), Ed Agran, Del Holland, John Macatee, Peter Rolnick

After watching the CCL Monthly Call, our discussion addressed the central question: how do we develop and maximize levers to create political will?

Should we have smaller sub-committees, such as a Tabling or Writers group that meets separately?There was some interest in a Writer’s group. John and Nan were interested.

Should we have more social events? There was some interest in a pot luck and movie.

Should we reach out to student science group on campus?

There was interest in an environmental book club. Peg has experience doing this

Should we have special events as a way to introduce people to us?

How do we reach K-12? Perhaps we could sponsor an ACE event.

We had a general discussion about the Five Levers for Developing Political Will (Grassroots, Grasstops, Lobbying, Media, Chapter Development), and and how the activities that we could do fit into those categories. If you are thinking of ramping up your level of engagement, you can download that list here:

Click to access Five_Levers_Possible_Activities.pdf


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