May 2017 Meeting Notes

CCL Meeting Minutes 5/13/17 (prepared by Kai Hedstrom)


• Potential for setting up a Go Fund Me account (Brandon Jennings going to look into this) [Brandon is doing it…thank you Brandon!]
• Discuss this further with Peter

II.) Report on the Run/ Walk

• 78 people registered
• Lots of other groups tabled there (100 grannies, Environmental Advocates, etc.)
• Mayor Jim Throgmorton spoke about what the city is doing.
• Rob Hogg was there.
• Well done Eric Johnson in orchestrating a very smooth event.

III.) Linda Quinn Earth Day Tabling

• Cold calls haven’t worked well. (Loebsack’s district friends- you have to contact them).
• Have to try and influence people outside our bubble.
• Summer tabling opportunities?

IV.) Gazette and Daily Iowan Newspapers

• Brandon could do the Gazzette [thank you, again, Brandon!]
• Peter would like to know about/ have copies of any letters to the editor/ congressman.

V.) Lobbying Day Planning

• Personalized
The Call Itself

Dr. Natasha DeJarnett- Policy Analyst at the Environmental Health Association

• 1,170 people have already registered for the conference, and 154 are on the waiting list.
• APHA- Global community of Public Health Officials.
• A big emphasis of her talk was that we are the last generation that can do something about climate change.
• Discussed many of the negative health impacts on society caused by climate change such as air quality, flooding and longer, hotter warm seasons.
• Overall health is quite a compelling argument to do something about climate change.


Upcoming Events:

June ICCA Meeting: Sat, Jun 10, 2017 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, Iowa City Public Library, Meeting Room D, Public welcome

CCL Call-in Day June 9
Purpose: Congress needs to hear from citizens that we want them to enact carbon fee and dividend. On June 13th nearly a thousand citizens from across the nation (and six from our group!) will be meeting with members of Congress in DC to push for our proposal. Time and again we hear from members of Congress that they don’t hear enough from their constituents that climate change matters to them. Calling your Senators and Representative will help create the political will needed to solve global warming. Even a dozen calls to a congressional office have been shown to make a difference.
When: Call your legislators ahead of time on Friday, June 9th to amplify our voices and help move Congress closer to passing our legislation. If you can’t get through on Friday, try leaving a message over the weekend or trying again on Monday, June 12th.
How: Click the button here to get phone numbers, a prompt on what to say and to log your call: Make the call!
Call-in Day Resources: CCL’s online tool makes it easy to find your members of Congress’ phone numbers and to report your call.

June CCL Conference and Lobby Day in DC:
The 2017 CCL/CCE conference and lobby day is set for June 11-13 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC.
Early registration ends April 30!
Registration Deadline is May 26.

Sierra Club and Iowa City Climate Advocates Joint Potluck,
Wednesday, August 16, 6 pm Hickory Hill Park North Entrance (Conklin Street Entrance)
Come share a dish and meet with other Sierra Club members and members of Iowa City Climate Advocates, 100 Grannies, and Environmental Advocates at the Sierra Club’s yearly potluck. The band Sweet Cacophony (acoustic folk, blues, etc.) will play from 6:30 to 8:30. Possible hike after the potluck.

November CCL Conference and Lobby Day in DC, exact days to be announced.


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