Meeting Notes

July 2018 Meeting Notes

People present: Craig Mosher, Richard Bushby, Del Holland, Eric Johnson, Chris Bergan, Mark Conway, Brandon Jennings, Barb Bailey, Peter Rolnick (notetaker)

Today’s meeting was our first time at the Prairie Hill Co-Housing Community Room, and it was a great place to meet. Thanks to Craig, Del and Barb, who are members of that group, for arranging for us to meet there. Their housing community uses zero fossil fuels (other than what goes into MidAmerican’s electricity, but I think even that is going to be replaced by solar soon), so it is an appropriate place for us to meet!

In our introductions we were happy to see Brandon, who was a member of our chapter but now lives in Des Moines, who was back for a visit. He has been having success implementing a Grand Canyon phone call project for Congressmen Young in District 3–he said it is not that much work! If any of you in District 1 or District 2 want to start such an effort for Congressmen Blum or Loebsack let me know ( and I’ll get you started.

We also learned that Chris, who has been a very active member of our group for a number of years, will be moving to Decorah as part of a new job. We will miss you Chris, but maybe you will be able to be involved in some way with helping to get a chapter started in Decorah! Craig, who moved here from Decorah, may also be part of that effort.

We participated in the CCL monthly call, and heard a great presentation by Adele Morris, a well-respected economist and energy and tax policy guru. She spoke of a recent series of studies from economists that looked at eleven different carbon tax models (the phrase “carbon tax” used broadly, and including as a possibility a revenue-neutral fee). The quick take-away from her talk was that 1) a price on carbon will reduce emissions significantly, and 2) a price on carbon will not cause any significant harm to the economy. Here are two useful links for those who’d like to understand this more deeply:

Mark Reynolds urged us to call our member in the House and urge him to oppose the Scalise resolution (which is likely to be introduced this week); it says the House should not even consider any price on carbon. Eric said he would call on Saturday, and I’ve sent out a message to the rest of you (with more detail) to call Monday 7/16. If you haven’t called yet, here’s the link: Call your U.S. Representative today and urge them to vote NO on the anti-carbon tax resolution, H. Con. Res. 119!

We wrote letters to our members of Congress. In discussing what we might say in the letters here is what we came up with:

  • The recent rainfall event in Ankeny, near Des Moines, was ten inches in two hours. For comparison, ten inches in one day is considered a 1000-year rain event!
  • The wind economy that Iowa is embracing is a good thing, and has encouraged Facebook and Google to set up shop in Iowa. A revenue-neutral fee on carbon would make that wind economy that much stronger.
  • The increased flooding and drought that will come with a failure to effectively lower our carbon emissions will exacerbate the problem of migration from Mexico and South America into the United States. Craig learned that people now living in Postville and Marshall had to immigrate to Iowa for work specifically because a drought in their village in Mexico had made it impossible to earn a living there any longer.

As we went through the rest of our agenda (and we got through it all!), the following came up:

  • I am looking for someone to take over my position as co-leader of ICCA, so that I can put more energy into being State CCL coordinator.
  • We need someone to arrange a meeting with the Editorial Board of the Gazette to see if they will write an endorsement of Carbon Fee and Dividend (maybe we should pursue a meeting with Todd Dorman or Linda Waddington?).
  • John Macatee will be tabling at the Iowa City Farmers Market next Saturday (7/21). Want to volunteer? No experience necessary! Contact John ( 331-1860).
  • We need pictures for our Facebook page! Send them to me (
  • We need volunteers to table at an event at St. Patrick’s Church September 9 (Sunday). I will be there and get things set up, and Del may be able to come. Let me know if you can help (
  • We talked about doing a 5k walk to raise awareness of climate issues and what we do in particular. It was suggested that we raise money at such an event for some other group in town that would be effected by climate change (labor, immigrant community, ???) as a way to connect with other demographics. It was also suggested we somehow involve Dave Loebsack (via Dave Leshtz) and Chris Peters.
  • Del continues to be interested in putting together a short presentation and then meeting with other environmental groups to inform them of our work. If you are interested in helping with that contact Del (
  • We should engage with upcoming election activities. It was suggested we reach out to the Hubbell and Reynolds campaigns.
  • We talked about Dave Loebsack’s wish for us to reach out to the farm community to help him get support for CF&D. Mark mentioned that he may reach out to Winnisheik energy district (which is not in Loebsack’s district, but would be a good group to connect with).
  • There are four (count ’em!) meetings coming up: State CCL in Des Moines in August, Regional CCL in Rapid City ND in September, National CCL in DC in November 2018 and June 2019. Consider going to one or more of them–these meetings are a great experience. (Details for all meetings are below under “Upcoming Events”). If money is stopping you let me know (–we can provide some support.
  • We talked about the Rise for Climate effort leading up to the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco on September 12-14. 350.orgwill be hosting a rally and march in Cedar Rapids on September 8, and Craig will be involved in an Electric Vehicle event that same day at the Iowa City Farmers Market. He may try to coordinate that with the Rise for Climate people.
  • In connection with the Rise for Climate stuff, we talked about my suggestion to have a public panel of a few groups in town (us, Center for Worker Justice (CWJ), ???) discuss climate change in light of the values and goals of each group, and look for shared values. It could be called “Many Voices, One Community,” or something like that. I have reached out to Rafael Morataya at CWJ and since the meeting he has gotten back to me and is interested. I will follow up with him in the next two weeks. People suggested that we also reach out to the Grannies, to the Service Workers Union, and to Damita Brown. It was also suggested that along with the panel we break out into small groups to facilitate discussion. Anyone interested in helping let me know (
  • We decided there would be no August ICCA meeting–taking a vacation in August seems to have become a tradition. In that case, the next meeting will be September 8, except that that is the day for the Rise for Climate Events, so we will have the September meeting the Wednesday following that, September 12.

February 2018 Meeting Notes

Minutes prepared by Peter Rolnick
People present: Chris Bergan, Eric Johnson, Mark Conway, Craig Mosher, Edward Agran, Del Holland, Charlotte Fairlie, Barbara Eckstein, Jamie McCoy, Peter Rolnick
  • We were happy to welcome two new faces: Mark Conway and Craig Mosher!
  • Both Charlotte and Ed have been working on op-eds for the Press-Citizen–thank you!
  • Eric is giving a presentation about Fee and Dividend to his workplace on Feb 15. If anyone else is interested in this idea for their own workplace, Eric can share his powerpoint and discuss the details.
We watched the monthly CCL call. Some highlights:
  • Members of the US Olympic Cross Country Ski Team are speaking out about climate change and the very real conseqence, which is already happening, of having to use much more artificial snow than what was the norm.
  • The speaker, Celia Paris, Assistant Professor in Political Science at Loyola University, talked about how bipartisanship in Congress is supported in public polls, but that there are other factors which influence people and members of Congress to be strongly partisan. [Unfortunately someone (who looks a lot like me) failed to turn on the power strip so everything went blank in the middle of her presentation….ah well!] You can watch her presentation at
  • Celia connected her research to reasons why our Representatives will find it in their own interest to join the Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus:
    • There will be no loss in support form the member’s own party, but she/he will gain in crossover voters,
    • The member will be associated with an increasingly popular policy,
    • The member will be seen as a problem solver.
  • There was also some discussion of an approach being taken by participants in COP (Congress of the Parties of the initial UN effort to examine and address climate change) called Talanoa Dialogue: “Talanoa is a traditional word used in Fiji and across the Pacific to reflect a process of inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue. The purpose of Talanoa is to share stories, build empathy and to make wise decisions for the collective good. The process of Talanoa involves the sharing of ideas, skills and experience through storytelling…” (more at Mark Conway has some experience with this in his work.
  • We also saw a new CCL video for engaging people who are already concerned about the climate but who meed that extra nudge to become active. See it at If you engage in social media, share it!
Spring Lobby Drive and Meetings with Members of Congress
  • I reported on a recent meeting with Senator Grassley in which we asked him to form or be part of a Senate bipartisan climate caucus. He asked for a written, clearly spelled out request so he could carefully consider it. We will follow up and hopefully have another meeting with him.
  • A meeting is planned with Senator Ernst on March 7 at 2:30 in either Cedar Rapids or Des Moines. Eric, Barbara, Ed and I are all interested in participating. Jamie also mentioned some local leaders who might want to come–I will follow up on that.
  • Since we already have things going on with Grassley and Ernst we decided to focus on Loebsack. Barbara suggested that, since Dave Leshtz (Loebsack’s regional director) was seen by some as wondering why we keep meeting with him since Loebsack is already on board with Carbon Fee & Dividend, and willing to join the Climate Solutions Caucus if we can find him a Republican, we just write him a note with any new information (for example, the info above from Celia Paris about why it would support his election to join the Caucus), and offer to meet if he wants. Perhaps we could also ask for a face-to-face with Loebsack during the spring break.
Grand Canyon Project
We have a robust state-wide Grand Canyon Project (making sure the member of Congress is called at least once every Monday through Friday) going for Senators Ernst and Grassley, and Jamie, Ed and Mark have added their names to the participants. We talked about having someone start one for Loebsack, but Barbara suggested we instead use that effort to help someone in a district with a more conservative member of Congress–Rod Blum in district 1 was suggested. I will follow up on that with my list of people in Cedar Rapids (even though they don’t have an active chapter there…yet).
Endorsements–GO TEAM
The CCL GO TEAM is an effort to reach out to sustainable business leaders–particularly wind energy companies in Iowa–for endorsements for Carbon Fee & Dividend. Jamie will arrange an initial phone meeting with the leader of the effort with CCL. Eric and Charlotte will participate, in particular setting up the Google spreadsheet on which we will have possible contacts. I will reach out to Brandon Jennings in Des Moines to see if he wants to participate. Barbara has volunteered to provide contacts once the spreadsheet has been set up.

January 2018 Meeting Notes

January, 13, 2018 – ICCA Meeting Notes
John Macatee, Linda Quinn, Chris Bergan, Miriam Kashia, Deborah Dee, Peter Rolnick, Nadja Krylov, Eric Johnson (note taker), Barbara Eckstein, Jim Throgmorton
Peter highlighted all of our accomplishments in 2017. We did a lot!!
4 Letters to the editor
11 Op Eds
572 letters and cards to members of Congress
1 Climate Advocate Training Workshop
2 Newspaper Editorial Board meetings
11 Meetings with members of Congress or their staff
13 Tabling events
9 Other outreach events or actions
6 Endorsements/Resolutions passed
5 Attendee at two Regional Conferences in Okoboji
2 Attendees at National Conference and Lobby Day in DC
Supervisors decided to not hear any more information about a revenue-neutral carbon tax. At issue is their concern that it will incentivize biofuels and nuclear. Chris B. knows an expert who is familiar with nuclear and doesn’t think that a carbon tax would make nuclear more competitive. Peterhas heard that ethanol is now more carbon friendly due to advances in ethanol. John Macatee pointed out that we have limited resources and if the supervisors are refusing to even talk with us, then we should move on to other “low-hanging fruit”. Chris agreed to put together information related to this topic for reference.
John noted the power of motivational interviewing ( and he wants to focus on increasing our chapter membership and help start other chapters. He also suggested we watch a video ( showing all the capabilities of the CCL website at our next meeting.
John, Miriam, Eric, and Peter volunteered to participate in meetings with Grassley and Ernst about starting a bipartisan climate group in the Senate.
John and Linda volunteered to table at the Prairie Preview on March 1 [Linda has since handed over that role to Terri]. John talked about how powerful and fun tabling can be, and Linda chimed in with some negative experiences she’s had tabling, namely lack of visitors/disappointing turn out.
Peter is working closely with a person in Fairfield to start a chapter there. He also has some leads on starting a chapter in Cedar Rapids. John said he would reach out to Cornell and City High to see if he could speak to environmental groups there and start CCL chapters. Miriam wanted copies of our tabling postcards so she could distribute them at the Unitarian church. John agreed to give some to her. Peter will give a brief (3 minute) presentation about Carbon Fee & Dividend to the Johnson County Republicans on February 12, and a 45 minute talk to the University of Iowa Young Americans for Liberty–the student Libertarian group–on Thursday March 8, 7:30 pm in Schaeffer Hall on campus (public invited).
There’s an Iowa CCL Ag Group now and they’re looking for local ag liaisons to meet with Farm Bureau and other organizations. No one volunteered, but Eric has an ag background of sorts and could do it if he had more time.
John recommended CCL’s speaking to liberal and conservative podcasts
Peter announced the sign up for the June CCL conference is open and Barbara and John said they were planning on going. John also offered carpooling and hotel room sharing to the national conference and the regional conference (Rapid City, September)
Peter announced Iowa’s Grand Canyon Project, where we form a group where each person will call a congressional office once per month, but the calls will be scheduled to cover every business day of the month so the office is getting at least one climate change phone call per month. Everyone in attendance volunteered to be part of this project. [Thanks to everyone, and to volunteers elsewhere in the state we have enough people to begin the project, so you will all be hearing from Peter soon!]
John expressed interest in pursuing the climate grants ( from the City of Iowa City and Nadja said she would work with him to look at the RFP.
Peter talked about Reaching Out to other communities. The ideas are good, but we need people to actually do the leg work. Peter wanted people to think about what chunks of activity they can personally take on. Jim brought up the concept MLK’s Beloved Community which is a vision where all people share in the wealth of earth. He suggested a way to work towards this would be to simply have ICCA members regularly attend monthly meetings of other groups and become links between the communities. Miriam said that made her feel like a spy. Barbara talked about Social Justice and Peter asked her to summarize so ICCA can start a reference file for future endeavors.
Jim mentioned another community we could try to connect with is latinos, particularly those who are in the Forest View housing area near Foster Road. They are being re-housed as part of a development project and we could connect with them and help shape the eco-friendliness of the housing.
UI’s theme semester is starting on January 16 and is a good opportunity to connect with the University community.
Eric- We have secured Merge in the Iowa City Ped Mall as a meeting place for the next 4 meetings [thank you Eric and Jamie, for arranging that]! They will be from 11:45 to 1:45pm, next one February 10.
The nation CCL video call can be see here:
2017 stats for the international organization:
457 CCL chapters
92,000+ CCL members
2,000+ conservatives joined CCL
2,535 endorsements
1,656 meetings with members of Congress
One takeaway from the guest speaker: People have a finite pool of worry, so try to find what their pool is filled with and talk to them about how climate change relates to the worries already in their pool.

December 2017 Meeting Notes


In attendance

Eric Johnson, Deborah Dee, Linda Quinn, Chris Bergan, Jamie McCoy, Miriam Kashia, Brandon Jennings, Jim Throgmorton, Barbara Eckstein

CCL National Video Conference

We watched José Aguto tell us about the 75 million members(!) of the Catholic community in the US and how to engage the bishops (meet them where they’re at, just like talking with our politicians). We discussed several ways to connect with the Catholic community in Iowa City:

  • –  It was suggested that we contact IC Councilman Terry Dickens because he is tightly connected with St Patrick’s and he just voted in favor of an endorsement of a revenue-fee on carbon.
  • –  John Casko is active in the Catholic community and his wife is Kim Casko, head of the Chamber of Commerce, which recently endorsed action on climate change.
  • –  Iowa Interfaith Power and Light was suggested as a good resource.
  • –  Public Policy Center at the University of Iowa, Peter Damiano, healthcare advocate

    And we watched video about 14 high schoolers who went to DC to meet with their conservative Congressman, and they asked him to join the Climate Solutions Caucus and he said yes. We had the reaction that while it was inspiring to see their success, it probably relied up previous meetings of CCL to get the Congressman to the point of joining. Miriam wanted to see if there was still an active environmental club at West High and to possibly share this video with them.

    CCL reported already raising $385,000 of its $600,00 year end challenge

    Local Lobbying

    Eric, Miriam, and Chris gave updates about how our lobbying meetings went

  • –  Sam Pritchard (Ernst) – was positive and really seemed to respect how well-prepared

    and complemented how our group conducts ourselves and said we’re more effective than other groups he meets with. We asked for Sen Ernst to follow-up on a meeting with CSC founder Rep. Carlos Cuerbelo.

  • –  Fred Schuster (Grassley) – was skeptical of climate science, but said he thought humans could be causing part of it. Eric responded with the analogy of life insurance. Nadja asked for evidence/research that the market could address climate change quickly enough. We asked for Sen. Grassley to support CF&D legislation, and also asked Sen Grassley to commission the studies to see if the market will address climate change on its own.
  • –  Dave Leshtz (Loebsack) – no news on finding a Republican to join CSC. Updated him on success of British Columbia’s carbon tax. He recommended a number of local groups to connect with.

Other news

Jim Throgmorton announced that he had signed the Chicago Charter of the Global Covenant of Mayors (which covers 7,400 cities worldwide, 10% of the world’s population) which agrees to specific actions on climate change (all of which Iowa City is already doing).

Endorsements update:

Eagle Point endorsement (largest solar installer in Iowa).

Mark Nolte – leader of IC Area Development Group

  • –  Focused on bringing external dollars to our local economy
  • –  Jamie said that CF&D would bring fossil fuel dollars back to Iowa and Mark seemed


  • –  ICAD has a member of MidAmerica on its board, good connection to make for


  • –  Michelle Payne, former city councilor is heavily involved with MidAmerican and is


  • –  Mark Nolte offered a conference room for our meetings in the Merge building

    GrassTops Outreach Team

  • –  Summary slideshow:
  • –  Target wind energy businesses in Iowa based on which are easiest to approach and which would have the biggests endorsement impact
  • –  Jamie needs volunteers!
    • –  Will hold initial informational meeting so prospective volunteers can learn more
    • –  In general
      • –  Delegates to be the point of contact with different companies
      • –  Company researchers to find best targets
      • –  Computer skilled people for maintaining Google Spreadsheet
      • –  Liaisons for members of congress
    • –  Brandon, Eric were interested in learning more
    • –  Barbara suggested approaching the UI Business School to see if an unpaid

      internship program could be created to give the students valuable sustainability

      experience and help us cover more ground

    • –  Eric suggested that David Tominsky might be a good contact since he’s

      interested in CCL and works in the start up business community in Cedar Rapids

      When the Bill Drops

  • –  Brandon suggested reaching out to Indivisible as their main goal is to build an action network that can be mobilized quickly in response to legislation. He’s willing to contact them in Des Moines
  • –  Jim raised the issue of how do we pierce the noise already clouding the news when the bill does drop
  • –  We also discussed the failure of the Board of Supervisors to endorse carbon fee and dividend and the need to reach out to the social justice and other left-leaning groups in Johnson County to educate them so they know what CF&D is beforehand and connect it to social justice.
  • –  There are lots of social justice group meetings and events that we could table at
  • –  Indivisible is strong in NW Iowa
  • – and Cheryl Valenta in Cedar Rapids would be good to reach out to
  • –  Jim suggested contacting Greg Hearnes of the City Federation of Labor
    • –  Also Jessie Case
    • –  Royceann Moore
    • –  Juneteenth celebration at Mercer Park

– We need a messenger from the African American community

  • –  Affordable Housing Coalition (Sara Barron)
    • –  Connected with many other social justice groups
    • –  Monthly meetings
  • –  United Nations Association
    • –  Has events to table at
    • –  Good connection to immigrant community

November 2017 Meeting Notes

Iowa City Climate Advocates: November 2017 Meeting Minutes

Minutes prepared by Eric Johnson & Peter Rolnick

People present: Eric Johnson, Christine Lehman-Engledow, Miriam Kashia, Jamie McCoy, Terri Macey, Peter Rolnick, Chris Bergen, Chad Slater-Scott, John Macatee, Scott Carpenter, Charlotte Fairlie, Edward Agran, Barbara Eckstein

Learned about the volunteering experiences of those in attendance. Miriam and Christine realized they had volunteered on the same climate walk but didn’t know each other at the time!
Scott Carpenter wants to give a talk about the basics of climate change–things most people don’t know. [That talk has been scheduled–see “Upcoming Events” below.] Scott clarified some confusion some of us had about the value, or not, of making improvements in agricultural practices (Peter is still confused, and looking forward to going to the presentation!).
Letter Writing
Peter brought pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelopes to encourage us to write letters to Grassley, Ernst, Loeback and Blum.
Jamie reported that he has a firm “yes” on an endorsement for Carbon Fee & Dividend from 3 of the city councilors, and is waiting on responses from the rest. The resolution will be on the agenda on the 5th or 19th of December; attendence by ICCA members at Council meetings prior to that would be very helpful in getting strong support for the resolution.
He was also able to get Brian Sempf at the Chamber of Commerce to change their endorsement from private to public. Jaimie is looking for someone to help with 10 minute presentation on Carbon Fee & Dividend to the Chamber of Commerce, and Peter volunteered to help with this.
He is excited to work with Eric on getting an endorsement from the County Supervisors. Eric got the ball rolling by contacting Rod Sullivan. He wants to write an endorsement that reflects county concerns–bridges, crops, etc.
Jamie is also working on getting endorsements from Iowa renewable energy companies.
Jamie suggested that we each consider becoming a “delegate” for an endorser, meaning: make a connection with a company or institution that we are already familier with and start a conversation about endorsing Carbon Fee & Dividend.
DC Lobbying
John attended our meeting despite on having arrived back in Iowa 2 hours prior! He described his experience meeting wtih the different legislators and the material they were trying to convey about the general attitude amongst Republicans on climate change.
Group Meeting of Local Environmental Groups (Summary from Martha Norbeck):
November 2nd meeting. Almost 100 community members participated. Opening comments were made by Mayor Throgmorton. Brenda Nations, Iowa City’s sustainability coordinator, described the climate action plan and some of the accomplishments and work leading up to it. The consultant described our task – 5 stations around the room had a list of possible climate strategies. The tables included: energy, transportation, waste, other… (can’t remember the others). The public was asked to indicate which strategies they supported with stickers as well as a sticker for strategies they felt they could personally contribute. Plant Rich Diet got the most stickers for people who thought they could contribute. The general feeling was that it went well and generated enthusiasm.
Jim Olsen added the strategy of a Carbon Tax. Becky Soglin, the Johnson County Sustainability coordinator, pointed this out. She asked me if I knew the work of ICCA and asked if someone from ICCA could pitch a carbon tax to the supervisors. Becky’s email is: If you contact her, she can get an ICCA representative on the agenda. [Peter has since reached out to Becky via email.]
I met with the 100 Grannies Diet and Climate committee this morning. They are fired up and ready to go. Next Plant Rich Diet meeting will be the evening of 11/30. Location TBD. Subsequent meeting will coincide with Green Drinks, December 14 and January 11. The 11/14 and 1/11 meetings will be somewhere where there are adult beverages and vegetarian food. I’ll be sending out an email about the 11/30 meeting soon.
Upcoming Meetings with Congressional Offices (see “Upcoming Events” at the end of these minutes)
Eric announced 3 meetings we have with Loebsack, Ernst and Grassley and encourage people to just show up and be warm bodies. Two people signed on. [Since then Eric has gotten many more commitments from people.]
CCL National Call
We watched the informative call about how the military is continuing on their path to a renewable fuel future because it makes sense for them fiscially and operationally.
A couple of interesting points were:
Our gasoline prices are low because the military guards choke points around the world (our military efftectively subsizdizes our gasoline).
The military can spend from $400 to $1000 per gallon of fuel in deployed situations when you factor in all the troops that need to guard the supply line
Scott [and later Ed] asked for further info about the facts and ideas in this presentation, and Peter agreed to get that information to them.
BC Papers on Carbon Tax
Eric briefly brought up some whitepapers he had copies of by Canadian researchers, which examine how the BC carbon tax is working after being in place since 2008. They can be found here:


Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, November 28: Meeting with Dave Leshtz, District Director for Dave Loebsack
11 am, 125 South Dubuque St, Iowa City
If you are interested in attending, contact Eric (
Thursday, November 30: First Meeting of Plant Rich Diet Initiative
6:30 -8:30 pm, location TBA
Group will decide on 2-4 campaigns to proceed with
Thursday, November 30: Meeting with Fred Schuster, Regional Director for Chuck Grassley
10 am, 111 7th Avenue SE, Suite 6800, Cedar Rapids
If you are interested in attending, contact Eric (
Wednesday, December 6: Meeting with Sam Pritchard, Regional Director for Joni Ernst
10 am, 111 7th Ave SE, Suite 480, Cedar Rapids
If you are interested in attending, contact Eric (
Saturday December 9: ICCA Monthly Meeting:
11:45 am-1:45 pm, North Liberty Public Library
Thursday December 14: Climate Change – A Voter’s Guide
6:30 – 8:30, Coralville Public Library, Room A
Presentation by Scott Carpenter, ICCA member and research scientist at the University of Iowa in the Department of Geoscience.
Thursday December 14: Second Meeting of Plant Rich Diet Initiative
evening, exact time and location TBA
Meeting will be a strategy session for campaigns agreed upon at the previous meeting

********** 2018 ********

Thursday January 11: Third Meeting of the Plant Rich Diet Initiative
evening, exact time, location and topic TBA
Friday April 6: Iowa City Climate Advocates Annual Music and Food Fundraiser
5:30-7:30 pm, Beadology, 220 E Washington St, Iowa City
Featuring Pennies on the Rail and Sweet Cacophony
June 10-12: Annual International Conference & Lobby Day,
Washington DC, location TBA

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