March 2017 Meeting Notes

Iowa City Climate Advocates/Iowa City Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby Monthly Meeting – March 11, 2017 –
Minutes (prepared by Peter Rolnick)

People present: Chris Bergan, Cheryl Miller, Richard Bushby, Del Holland, Eric Johnson, Kai Hedstrom, Jamie McCoy, Marc Franke, Peter Rolnick

We practiced this month’s Laser Talk (Climate Leadership Council versus CCL Proposal), and observed that the talk is most useful if you have more familiarity with the CLC proposal and with CF&D than is in the talk itself.

We talked about possibly moving the meeting time from 11 – 1 to 11:30 – 1:30, giving us more discussion time after the monthly call, but for now we will keep the time as is (11 – 1 on the second Saturday of each month).

Recent meetings with Joni Ernst’s Regional Director Sam Pritchard and with Chuck Grassley and his staff member James Rice went well. Sam seemed particularly appreciative that we were positive. Both Sam and Grassley made clear that neither Ernst nor Grassley were climate deniers.

Jamie had a good meeting with the editorial board of the Corridor Business Journal, though they didn’t end up endorsing CF&D.

CCL is particularly interested in reaching out to University students. Anyone with a connection to a college or university who would like to help in that effort please contact me
( for a sample outreach letter and flyer.

CCL-Community has links for interfacing with the Climate March on April 22 and with the Science March on April 29. For info, go to: ◦ ◦

Upcoming Tabling/Outreach Activities
◦4/22 at our 5k Run/Walk; contact Eric (
◦4/25 Kirkwood Community College Earth Day Event; contact Linda (
◦4/18 Rise Up – Organize! A Gathering of Iowa Activists, Teamsters Hall, Cedar Rapids. We don’t know much about this, but if you are interested contact me ( and I will give you what info I have.
◦I will finish putting together a trifold display along with postcards and a single information sheet before April 22, when we know we will want something for the Run/Walk.

We talked about hosting a meeting of all local environmental groups, similar to what we did last year. I suggested a speaker, such as a friend I have who works with geolandscaping, but he wouldn’t be available until next fall. Another idea, that Mark Reynolds told about in the monthly call, is to ask each group to present their thoughts/plans for how to address the problem of climate change. Cheryl will look into coordinating such an event with the Science March on April 29th, either doing it that morning or perhaps a day or two before. Del recommended connecting with Johnson Partners, which would connect us with groups other than “the usual suspects”. I will do that, and put our events on their calendar.

We will set up a way for all newspapers to be regularly monitored, and to have all climate- related articles, editorials, op-eds and letters to the editor be put in a central place accessible to all, along with newspaper contact info, so that people can easily find something to write letters to the editor about. I will look into a way to set that up, using either Google Groups or our web page, and I will also reach out to all members to get someone to “adopt” newspapers that are not currently being monitored. Currently we have me doing the Press-Citizen, Jamie doing the Corridor Business Journal and Cheryl doing the Kalona News. We need people for: The Gazette, The Daily Iowan, and newspapers not in the immediate area. Please consider doing this–a nice way to participate with out going to meetings! Contact me ( if you are interested.

It was suggested that we contact the Des Moines group to coordinate our efforts to get Democratic Congressman Loebsack and Republican Congressman Young to join the Climate Solutions Caucus together. (Experiences some of us have had with both Republican Congressman Blum and Young suggest that Young might be a better candidate for this.)

We watched the CCL Monthly Call – Devashree Saha discussed the decoupling of decarbonization and the economy. The take away was that we can have economic growth while also reducing carbon use, but some states are more successful at this decoupling than others. The report upon which the talk was based can be found at economic-growth-and-emissions-decoupling/#fullreport.

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