February 2017 Meeting Notes

Iowa City Climate Lobby (ICCA)/Iowa City Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) Meeting Notes from the February 17, 2016 Meeting
(Notes prepared by Peter Rolnick)

People Present: Marc Franke, Jim Throgmorton, Dennis Gordon, Eric Johnson, Jenna Hammerich, Jamie McCoy, Linda Quinn, Barbara Eckstein, Chris Bergan, Peter Rolnick

Upcoming CCL Lobby Efforts:
• Peter gave a brief overview of CCL and Carbon Fee & Dividend (CF&D)

• Eric will be the Member of Congress (MOC) Liaison, meaning he will schedule meetings with
MOCs for both the in-district and DC meetings.

• In-district lobbying:
◦ Eric will arrange a meeting with Dave Loebsack (or one of his staffers) some time between March 24 and April 11. Anita Christensen, CCL Iowa State Coordinator, will arrange a meeting with Senator Joni Ernst, and Paul Sanchini, Cedar Rapids chapter, will arrange a meeting with Senator Chuck Grassley. Anita and/or Paul will let us know if they need people from our chapter to attend either of those meetings.
◦ Linda, Jenna, Dennis, Jamie and Peter are all interested in participating in such a meeting, and Eric will keep them informed of how arrangements are progressing.

• Peter will be attending the DC CCL meeting, and will do whatever lobbying there that can be arranged. Others are encouraged to attend the DC meeting and lobbying if they are able to and interested.

• Here are some links related to CCL and the DC meeting:
◦ To join CCL, go to: http://citizensclimatelobby.org and click on the red button in the upper-
right corner. Once you’ve joined you will be prompted to set up an account to allow you
onto the CCL-Community website, where there are lots of resources.
◦ To go to CCL-Community (if you are already a member of CCL), go to:
◦ To register for the International CCL Meeting and Lobby Day in DC (or to find out more
about it) go to: http://citizensclimatelobby.org/ccl-conference-2016/ (you will see that you can register either for just the conference or for both the conference and lobbying).
Plan for Meeting to Discuss Purpose and Direction of ICCA/Iowa City Chapter of CCL:
• We decided the meeting should be in April, and that other groups in the area working on
climate issues should be invited to participate. People are to email to Peter (prolnick@truman.edu) their suggestions for groups for him to contact by Tuesday February 23, and he will then contact them as the meeting is arranged.

• We decided that this “big meeting” would replace the usual meeting for whatever that month is.

• Please email to Peter (prolnick@truman.edu) any suggestions for where this meeting should be,
when it should be (we are thinking April), and anything else you think would be helpful.
• Barbara had previously agreed to speak to student groups at the University to see if there was interest in addressing the issue of energy efficiency of rental properties. She reported that she did speak to two such groups, that they were interested, but that it was the students in the groups who made the final decision as to what they would work on. The person (or persons?) she spoke to would bring the topic up with the students.

• Marc suggested that we think about what a “post dealing with climate change” world would(should?) look like. Once we have laid out such a vision, we could then use it to plan initiatives.

• Jim pointed out that the City Council’s strategic plan included two things of interest to us:
◦ 1) Define a substantive and achievable goal for reducing emissions by 2030, and say how the City can achieve that goal. An ad hoc task force will be formed, including some appointments, to address this. Jim suggested that we may want address these questions ourselves, in cooperation with other environmental groups in the area, preemptively, and then be in a good position to give input to the City. We may also want to nominate one of our members to be a member of that task force. (Notice the similarity between this suggestion and Marc’s suggestion above.)
◦ 2) $100,00 will be set aside for an unspecified carbon emission reduction project. Again, perhaps we may want to plan, in cooperation with other environmental groups in the area, what we think would be an appropriate project.

• Eric, who works on the Iowa Climate Calendar (see http://iowaclimatecalendar.org/#/), told us that there was a paid-position opening for someone to post events to the Calendar and reach out to other climate change groups, $10/hr, up to $500/month. If you are interested, contact Steve Shivvers at stevesh@grm.net.

• Linda and Peter will host an ICCA/CCL table at Prairie Preview, which is March 10. See http://www.buroaklandtrust.org/events/prairie-preview-xxxiii/. They will also use this as an opportunity to connect with other groups regarding the various ideas mentioned above. It was suggested that they include a handout about the City Council’s Strategic Plan questions mentioned above as part of the literature on hand.

• Jenna agreed to be our Chapter’s Media Contact Person. Barbara told us that in the past the Press-Citizen has always published pre-written editorials that come from CCL (there was one recently by Mark Reynolds of CCL, for example), but that they have not done anything with press packets meant to encourage them to write their own editorials. In addition to the Press- Citizen and the Gazette, Jim and Dennis both suggested that Jenna develop a relationship with the Corridor Business Journal (and the name John Lohman was mentioned).

• Our next meeting will be Wednesday, March 23. (This is not the 3rd Wednesday of March – it is the 4th Wednesday; this is to avoid meeting during Spring Break.) It was suggested that perhaps we should write letters to our MOCs at the next meeting.

• Please remember to notify Peter (prolnick@truman.edu) whenever you, as a CCL member, have a letter to the editor or an op-ed published, or send a letter to your MOC.

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