June 2016 Meeting Notes

Iowa City Climate Advocates/Iowa City Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Notes from our June 8, 2016 Meeting (prepared by Peter Rolnick)

People at the meeting: Dawn Pawlowksi, Terri Macey, Linda Quinn, Jeanne Smith, Eric Johnson, Peter Rolnick, Jaime McCoy, Jim Trepka, Dirk Felleman, Laura Felleman.

  • Peter gave a short “laser talk” about the Border Adjustment that is part of CCL’s proposed Carbon Fee & Dividend. There were a lot of really good questions, and he got a chance to attempt to demonstrate good ways to respond to those who might not “buy” the argument being made. (The point is to hear what the other person’s concerns are and attempt to communicate information that may address those concerns, rather than to “convince”.) Terri agreed to give a talk on a topic of her choice at the July meeting.
  • We wrote 19 letters to our Members of Congress (!); Peter will deliver them personally in D.C.
  • We had a lot of interesting discussion, not just on how the Border Correction works, but on the value (or not) of economic modeling, revenue-neutral versus non-revenue-neutral taxes, how best to communicate our thoughts on climate change and our frustrations with the political situation, among other things.
  • Everyone was reminded to, if they are able, call their Members of Congress (that means: Your Representative in the House and your two Senators) on Monday June 20th in support of the June 21st lobbying effort that will be going on in D.C. Here are details about how to do that:
    • Make three short phone calls to your Congressional representatives- one to your House of Representatives member and one to each U.S. Senator for your state. CCL has an easy resource that anyone can use to get the phone numbers and a short, simple script for these calls; go to http://cclusa.org/callcongress. Please place a note in your calendar for June 20th and be sure to make your calls that day before 4:30 east coast Time (3:30 Iowa Time) so your Congressional Representatives register these calls that day, before 4:30 east coast time. The day and timing are important because the calls will support hundreds of CCL citizen lobbyists attending the annual conference who will be meeting with all House members and Senators on the next day.
  • We discussed the idea of having a 5-k Run (or Walk, or Bike, or…) to raise money for victims of climate change, and raise awareness about climate change. Eric had done a lot of research into what such an effort would entail, and we decided not to try anything until spring or fall of 2017. Among other things, the up-front costs of such an event are beyond what we could manage this year.
  • We discussed fund raising in general:
    • Things we might use money for include: paying for MeetUp.com ($120/yr), reimbursing people for copying and other incidentals, providing scholarships for people to attend the CCL conference and lobbying in D.C. in June, or to attend the lobbying in D.C. in November (this would be around $1000 for one person).
    • Peter will talk to Del Holland (of Environmental Advocates) to see if they could provide some funding to assist us. He will also ask Cheryl Miller for any ideas she may have about fundraising since she is involved in fundraising for Bur Oak Land Trust. He will also talk to Tom Gilsenan at Uptown Bill’s to see what doing a fundraising event there would entail.
    • Dawn will talk to a restaurant (or pub?) she is familiar with about whether fundraising for us might be an option (something like an “ICCA Dinner Night” where a certain portion of the proceeds would go to us).
    • Eric will also talk to some pubs and restaurants about fundraising options.
    • Jim Trepka told us that the Sierra Club was having a potluck in Hickory Hill Park on August 17, and that perhaps we could go in with them, have a band come (if allowed) and put out a donations jar for the two organizations. Peter will talk further with Jim about that.
  • Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 20, 7-8:30 pm, Iowa City Public Library, Room E,

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